Michael J. Frank, PhD
Cognitive, Linguistic & Psychological Sciences
Neuroscience Graduate Program
Director, Carney Center for Computational Brain Science
Carney Institute for Brain Science
Psychiatry and Human Behavior
Brown University
190 Thayer St
Providence RI 02912-1821
Phone: (401) 863-6872
Fax: (401) 863-2255
Office: Metcalf Room 335 / 164 Angell Room 415
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Laboratory of Neural Computation and Cognition


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    Our research combines multiple levels of computational modeling and experimental work to
    understand the neural mechanisms underlying reinforcement learning, decision making and
    cognitive control. We develop neural circuit and algorithmic models that simulate systems-level
    interactions between multiple brain areas (primarily prefrontal cortex and basal ganglia and their
    modulation by dopamine). We test theoretical predictions of the models using various
    neuropsychological, pharmacological, genetic, and imaging (primarily EEG) techniques.

  • Lab Members
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  • Software and code

  • Basal ganglia neural network models for download, demonstrations
  • HSSM - hierarchical bayesian estimation for any sequential sampling model, neurally informed models of cognition
  • HDDM - hierarchical bayesian parameter estimation for the drift diffusion model
  • I also have various scripts available (in matlab, Python, R, JAGS, STAN) for quantitative simulations/fits using algorithmic reinforcement learning models - email me!
  • Basal ganglia model in action: Animated movies


    Free Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Wiki-Book



  • Fall:
    CLPS 1492 Computational Cognitive Neuroscience

  • Spring:
    CLPS 1470 Mechanisms of Motivated Decision Making

  • Prior courses:
    Doing Bayesian Data Analysis
    Mechanisms of Motivated Decision Making
    Reinforcement Learning Seminar
    Honors Seminar on Computational Approaches to Cognitive Neuroscience
    Computational Cognitive Functions of the Prefrontal Cortex
    Cognitive Control Functions of the Prefrontal Cortex (COGS 1861)

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